Moose Hunting

Kinden Quinn Lake Outfitters Moose Hunt

The moose hunting season is a long awaited time of year in Newfoundland and Labrador. In the fall of the year, both men and women can be seen loading their vehicles in preparation for "a few days in the country". The moose is one of the most sought after game animals in the world and the hunt is an exceptional experience.

This is also an exciting time of the year for us here at Kinden’s Quinn Lake Outfitters Ltd. Our

moose hunting season begins the first week of September and concludes in mid - November. The

first two weeks of the hunt, however, are reserved for a different breed of wildlife and outdoor

enthusiast - the bow hunter.

Moose have a very sharp sense of hearing and its important for hunters to remain very quiet and

patient while hunting this extraordinary animal. There are an estimated 120,000 moose on the island of Newfoundland and on average, an adult moose in Newfoundland stands six to seven feet high and moose can weigh on average from 800 to 1200 pounds.

We accommodate all types of hunters, even those who use the bow. All our guides take interested

parties into the wilderness of Area 17 with the hopes of bagging a prize moose.  

Why not book your trip now, so you can have the hunt of lifetime?


Video to watch about a 2013 Moose hunt , enjoy, 

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