Caribou Hunting

Caribou Hunt

Currently, strict conservation measures have been adopted in our area 63 to ensure the growth and vitality of the Newfoundland Caribou population. Due to this the caribou hunt option is currently unavailable since 2008. This is not a definite change to Kindens hunt options but a temporary measure to guarantee the hunt will continue in future years. Once the population has reached the desired levels and the season re-opens, Kindens Outfitters will once again be offering this option.

Area 63 will be the most sought after by hunters because with no hunting in this area for such a long period of time the herd will be plentiful.  There will be record book animals because of the closure.

Newfoundland is home to many different species of wildlife. Its concentration of the Woodland Caribou is however, world renown. The Woodland caribou are darker and stockier and have heavier antlers than Barren Ground (or Arctic) caribou. Newfoundland and Labrador is the only place in the world to hunt the Woodland Caribou. Here the season opens on the first week of September and lasts until the end of November. For the hunters who chose to hunt with a bow their season starts two weeks prior to those who use firearms. 

The Woodland Caribou usually live in small herds of cows and calves and a few bulls.   You will find that both the males and females have antlers. The female's however, are smaller and less impressive. Most of the older bulls stay in separate small bands, except during rut, and travel on the fringes of migrating herds. Large males, weighing upwards of 500 lbs. and sporting an impressive mahogany colored antlered crown is beautiful to see and a challenge to hunt.

Breeding usually takes place from early October to mid November, and the calves are born in May and June.

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