Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is an adventurous sport that involves incredible skill, patience, endurance and at times isolation deep in the wilderness and has been around for thousands of years in every culture with arrows.

The adventure of bow hunts appeals to many people and there is a wide range of tools, materials, accessories and hunting supplies that can allow the stalk to be easier and more comfortable.

The hunter has to get incredibly close to their game to ensure a good shot, but that game is always aware and has heightened senses making the stalk the most difficult part of the hunt.They must stalk their prey, swiftly yet silently. There is great patience and skillfullness involved in tracking and bagging one of these large beasts.

The guides at Kinden's Quinn Lake Outfitters Ltd. use the "spot and stalk" method of hunting these huge animals. The now extinct Beothuk Indians had only the bow to kill one of these majestic creatures. The art of bow hunting has been successful in these parts for a very long time.

The bow hunting season commences during the first week of September, and concludes in mid-Nov.

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