Bear Hunting

Bear Hunt

The bear hunt is an exciting time of the year for Kinden’s Quinn Lake Outfitters Ltd.

Hunting these large and often intimidating animals is quite the experience,with some bears weighing in at over 700 pounds.

In Newfoundland there is an estimate of about 10,000 black bears roaming the wooded areas of the island and is also known for having some of the largest black bear in Eastern North America.  

Weeks before your arrival, Everett or one of his trusted guides can be found scouring the wilderness of Area 17, tracking these huge beasts and dispersing bait to lure them a tree stand, located roughly 30 feet above the ground, yet close enough to the bait to let you get a clean shot at the animal.

Your guides repeat this ritual, so the bear will return to that very spot for its daily dose of food, while you wait patiently in the seclusion of a tree stand, the animal will hopefully waltz by, allowing you to take aim and bag your bear. 

Can't make it in the fall? That's fine, we offer both spring and fall bear hunts.

We promise that you will not be disappointed! 


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